Online Club Registration Info

Published by AWWC ADMIN
Nov 30, 2018


The online registration and the online store accept debit cards, as well as Visa and MasterCard.

To begin AWWC online registration you must first obtain your USA Wrestling card. You can obtain your USA wrestling card by clicking on the Links Tab, then click on the USA Wrestling Card link. Follow the instructions closely and read all the messages. The process is not user-friendly.

Print your card when completed, the option available after signing in to your account and on the left side of the screen.

To register for AWWC: Click online registration - Register Now. Follow the instructions and provide all the required information. Registration for wrestlers is $120.

Registration includes the AWWC uniform, consisting of AWWC shorts and AWWC T-shirt. If you are registering for the AWWC, before the registration deadline February 1st, then you must select the appropriate sizes for your AWWC uniform gear. If you are registering for AWWC after the registration deadline, then you will not receive an AWWC uniform.

Additional clothing is available in the online store.

Check out for registration and any purchase at the online store will produce an invoice that will be emailed to you so you can print the final invoice for your records.

If you are registering for AWWC, then print, read and sign the 2020 Waiver form under the available for download section on the home page of our website. Bring the waiver form with you to registration night or the first day of practice with a copy of an up to date USA wrestling card and an original/copy of your birth certificate. AWWC needs to verify the age of all wrestlers during registration. We do not need to keep a copy of the wrestlers birth certificate for the 2020 season but will need to see a copy of it.